june, 2020

2020sun21junAll Daysat27FeaturedFamily and Nature Camp 2(All Day) ZANZIBAR, Zanzibar, Tanzania, P.O. 312 Event Organized By: Assalam Community Fundation

Event Details


Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania, P.O. 312

Date: 21-27 June 2020

5-11 July 2020

Price: 1000 USD

For ages 6-13


We organize this camp four times every year.

Next session for camping 5 April 2020 and 11 April 2020

For more info: aysenurgonen@gmail.com

Mail: info@vassalam.org


What is the Family and Nature Camp?

Forget all the holidays that you have done up to now.

Revise your opinions about the vacation that considers the contentment and satisfaction of your children.

Please give an opportunity to your children, they will meet the untouched beauty of nature, find themself, become satisfied with the sports activities.

You served all the needs of your children up to now.

Now, give a chance to engage with children of the world, to meet African people and to gain new perspectives on life.


The prices include the following:

  • Atelier materials
  • Housing, breakfast, lunch, fruits in afternoon and dinner
  • Transportations from airport
  • Entrance fees of the museum and historical sites
  • Guidance and counseling


What is the tuition?

1000 USD

All of below is included in the tuition you will be paying:

  • Return flight tickets from and to a country of your choice to and from Zanzibar International Airport
  • Over 50 hours of lectures and workshops.
  • Transfers: between Zanzibar International Airport and the campus, field trips, Local social enterprise visits and occasionally the weekend trips around
  • Accommodation in Zanzibar for one week: in shared rooms of up to four people.
  • 3 meals per day: vegetarian options available
  • Drinking and hot water in campus
  • Project supplies


1st DAY

9:00-11:00        Hiking trail near oceanside

11:00-12:00      African Folktale Time / Practising Masai Dance

12:00-13:00      Coconut Palm Time: Collecting, Climbing and Tasting

13:00-20:00      Family Time

20:00-21:00      Campfire and African Dances


2st DAY        

9:00-11:00        Visit the Fisher Village

11:00-12:00      African Folktale Time / African Jewellery Design Workshop

12:00-13:00      Makuti Workshop: Weaving a Basket from Coconut Leaves

13:00-20:00      Family Time

20:00-21:00      Cinema Time


3st DAY        

9:00-11:00        Water Games in Ocean

11:00-12:00      African Folktale Time / African Mask-Making Workshop

12:00-13:00      Tropical Fruits Taste Test and visiting Old Baobab Tree

13:00-20:00      Family Time

20:00-21:00      Mind Games Time


4st DAY        

9:00-11:00        Permaculture Activities in Garden

11:00-12:00      African Folktale Time / Practising African Dance

12:00-13:00      African Doll-Making Workshop

13:00-20:00      Family Time

20:00-21:00      Discovery Planets with the Naked Eye


5st DAY        

9:00-11:00        Snorkeling and Finding out ‘Nemo’ in Ocean

11:00-12:00      Diserted Island Game

12:00-13:00      Discovery of Salt Water Forest and Coral Habitats in Oceanside

13:00-20:00      Family Time and Barbeque Party

20:00-21:00      Time to Perform African Dances Around the Campfire


june 21 (Sunday) - 27 (Saturday)



Zanzibar, Tanzania, P.O. 312


Assalam Community FundationWe are a young not-for-profit organization that works on behalf of a self-sufficient Africa.info@vassalam.org Kizimkazi Mkunguni Village, P.O. 312 Zanzibar, Tanzania