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2020sun05julAll Daysat18FeaturedSocial Entrepreneurship Summer Retreat ‘20(All Day) ZANZIBAR, Zanzibar, Tanzania, P.O. 312 Event Organized By: Assalam Community Fundation

Event Details

Social Entrepreneurship Summer Retreat ‘20

5-18 July 2020


Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania, P.O. 312

Date: 5-18 July 2020

Price: 900 USD


We organize this camp one time every year.

Next session for camping 5 July 2020 and 18 July 2020

Tel Nr:+255 620247749 (for English and Kiswahili)

+39 3489006870 (for English and Italian)

+255 628223094 (for English and Turkish)

Mail: info@vassalam.org



What do we offer?

There is a two-week program that includes hours of lectures-workshops a week and lectures with social entrepreneurs, from different fields of their expertise. Also, you will be able to present your own ideas and projects and to work in Assalam meanwhile.

Every week on Friday, you will have a chance to meet with local social entrepreneurs from different fields, learning further about how the locals are making a change in their community. Each of the entrepreneurs from different fields, learning further about how the locales are making a change in their community. Each of the entrepreneurs is real changemakers with years of experience in their field of work, all making contributions from different corners of life.

Volunteering is one of our keystones, and that is why we wanted to integrate a two-hour volunteering program each weekday, for you to learn about yourself and also to get involved with the local community more.

You can teach English to children by playing games with them, give them workshops on something you are skilled in or sit with mothers who sew bags and African rag dolls to have a chat or to learn sewing with them.

Every weekend, there will be an opportunity to explore around Zanzibar, to have new experiences around the island or to interact with the local culture intensively. Moreover, there is a local transportation system that is affordable and safe to wander around and to further explore the island with.

Aside from all these, during your free time, the ocean is waiting for you to enjoy it to the fullest by the view, to swim or to cycle onshore.



What do we provide?

All of below is included in the tuition you will be paying:

  • 20×2, 40 hours of lectures and workshops with different instructors.
  • Transfers: between the Airport and the campus, field trips, Local social enterprise visits and occasionally the weekend trips around
  • 3 meals per day: vegetarian options available
  • Drinking and hot water on campus


What is not included?

Any means of transportation to Zanzibar

Entry visa

Travel insurance

Internet access

Optional activities and additional programs

Personal expenses




1st DAY (Sunday)  




08:00-09:00 BREAKFAST

09.00-13:00 Social Entrepreneurship Classes

13:00-15:00  Launch and Free Time

15:00-17:00  Volunteering Activities

17:00-19:00  Free Activities

19:00-20:0   DINNER



Snorkeling and Sightseeing Tours



08:00-09:00 BREAKFAST

09.00-17:00 Field Trips

17:00-19:00  Free Activities

19:00-20:0 DINNER



Project Presentations all-day


Last day (Saturday)          

Good bye day in East Coast and farewell party by the campfire in the evening


july 5 (Sunday) - 18 (Saturday)



Zanzibar, Tanzania, P.O. 312


Assalam Community FundationWe are a young not-for-profit organization that works on behalf of a self-sufficient Africa.info@vassalam.org Kizimkazi Mkunguni Village, P.O. 312 Zanzibar, Tanzania