What should I bring with me?

List of needs recommended to everyone

  • Gifts to be distributed to children, candies & chocolates
  • Sun Cream, gun Glasses & slippers and thick bottom sea shoe (for protection from sea urchin)
  • Sunflower seeds which are a lot of fun to eat while spending a good time, Snacks can be used instead of lunch (vacuum pie, canned food, dried nuts and fruits, instant soup, ravioli, etc.)
  • Sneakers (in case of riding bike, running etc.)
  • Movies (on Flash Disk), books and music
  • Camera, chargers, portable charger
  • Converter (plugs are triple here)
  • Disinfectant, fly repellent
  • Medications you use, creams for burn and rash (Medications are expensive and difficult to find here.)
  • Waterproof tiny backpack for the boat and wind & raincoat, waterproof phone case
  • Hat
  • Snorkel equipment and pallet, If you do not want to use or rent someone else’s
  • Tooth paste
  • Shawls are always useful

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, because we are certain that everyone has a special ability inside, even if it is not discovered yet. Maybe Zanzibar helps you to discover this ability, maybe you paint a house, clean the beach with children, but eventually you find something to do in any case.

If you do not enter Zanzibar from an African country you do not need vaccination, it is asked people from African countries for yellow fever vaccination.

Turkish citizens can get a visa at the door for $ 50, although the green passport is exempt, you may have to insist a little bit on persuading the police.

Zanzibar is one of the safest countries in the world, come here without second thought.

Zanzibar is a country where conservative Muslims live and because they think that their culture is threatened by tourists, sometimes tourists who dressed openly can experience some difficulties. For this reason, especially female volunteers must be dressed in a way to take into account the sensitivities of the people of the island. Below-knee dress without decollate is enough in this context.

The best souvenirs can be bought from Zanzibar are spice-scented soaps and cotton fabrics called Kanga on which Swahili proverbs are written. In the culture of the island, women to wear different Kanga each day, according to that day’s psychology. They are all beautiful and colourful, they can be used as decorative material like tablecloth and in clothes sewing.

Our landlady is a very talented cook at the same time. We are confident that you will enjoy everything she cook. However, if you have allergic reactions we can suggest you bring your own personalized food. Because it’s hard to find anything special here. Since everything here is peculiar to Zanzibar.

Zanzibar’s climate is very soft, air conditioning is not needed at all in summer and winter especially in the region of Kizimkazi where we live.

You can bring in dollars, you can easily exchange it into Tanzanian shilling in the island.

Zanzibar has a very lively tourist population in all seasons except for the months of April and May. It rains a lot in these months, but the weather is still nice.

After you spend a week with us, you can go to Darussalam or Kilimanjaro while you are making the world’s most beautiful safari in Serengeti, you can witness the migration of hundreds of thousands of animals or you can climb the highest and the world’s largest single stand-alone mountain in the African continent.

For employees, the weekly cost is 500 USD

For students, the weekly cost is 400 USD

For employees, the two-week cost is 800 USD

For students, the two-weeks cost is 700 USD

For employees, the three-weeks cost is 1200 USD

For students, the three-weeks cost is 1050 USD

For employees, the monthly cost is 1600 USD

For students, the monthly cost is 1400 USD


  • All transfers and guidance
  • Organizations of volunteer activities
  • 7 days accommodation
  • Breakfasts and dinners


  • Flight ticket and visa
  • Lunches
  • Personal expenses
  • Free day activities
  • Swimming equipment
  • Access to ruins and museums
  • Boat trips and swimming with dolphins

If you get yourself a mobile phone card with Internet connection, mobile packages with 1-2 GB Internet costs around TRY 15. Other than that, you can set your own budget for souvenirs. However, we can foresee that all your extras will not exceed average $100.

There is no Wi-Fi where we stay, but you can buy yourself Internet package. A mobile line with a 1-2 GB Internet connection costs approximately TRY 15. However, we recommend you that to limit the need of communication only the moments you find Wi-Fi and enjoy the moment there. Giving all your attention to Zanzibar will increase both the taste and the consistency of your volunteerism as well as your holiday. Your relatives will be able to reach you in the event of emergencies when you give them our contact information and after a week you will return feeling more rested and calmer…