What is Voluntourism?

Voluntourism, gives meaning to both yourself and the place you have visited.

We have hosted nearly 400 volunteers since the start of Assalam and our doors continue to be open for all.

Voluntourism is a new way of traveling that is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Voluntourism involves tourists going on vacation with the mission to provide a helping hand for a particular project.

Assalam Foundation has hosted more than 1100 volunteers through its many projects. Volunteers have taken part in our current projects as well as coming with their own skills and suggestions for programs. Assalam Foundation acts as an intermediary for people to make their ideas a reality and to distribute their aid

Why do you want to be a voluntourist in Zanzibar?

Assalam Foundation involves volunteers in its projects and dreams. Most of the projects of Assalam Foundation are financed and furnished by volunteers. Volunteers can participate in the projects that Assalam Foundation approves and their role is in accordance with their abilities, interests and desires.

Why to Volunteer?

Voluntourism is an investment in our community and the people who live in it, in which they can make a difference and strengthens our community. During their time at Assalam, volunteers

  • learn a lot, especiallt about Africa and about the functions and operation of our system.
  • gain knowledge of local resources to solve community needs.
  • discover hidden talents that may change their view on their self worth.
  • help to support school, youth or community in different projects.
  • promotes personal growth and self esteem.
  • unite themselves with people from diverse backgrounds to work toward a common goal
  • gain professional experience and test out a career.
  • reduce stress and be healthier.

Where to Volunteer?

Volunteers are very essencial for Assalam, it engages volunteers in their projects and most of Assalam’s projects are funded by volunteers directly or indirectly. Volunteers can participate and contribute to the projects to the extent that it suits their abilities and interests. But mainly Assalam needs/locates volunteers in following areas:

  1. At Permaculture projects,
  2. At School, Madrasa and Children University as assistant teacher if they stay at least three months.
  3. At Construction Projects or Village cleanings
  4. At Fundraising, Marketing, Graphic Design and IT support.
  5. At Social Work and Humanitarian Aid, such as home visits and distribution of food, hygen packages.
  6. At Women Empowerment and Art Projects
  7. At Café&Shop projects
  8. At mobile library and Open cinema activities in the villages
  9. At Youth Center for Africamps as young leaders
  10. At kitchen or carpentry workshops, if they are talented in these fields.

What are the options for volunteering?

There are two volunteering options at the Assalam Community Foundation: short and long term.

  1. A payment for accommodation and other expenses is expected from our short term volunteers. These volunteers are expected to spend 4 hours a day on volunteering actuvities. You can apply throughout the year to be a short-term volunteer.
  2. Long period volunteering lasts three months or more. For long term volunteering you have to follow our announcements on our social media accounts. We announce when we need a volunteer for a definite job with its description and terms.

Some requests

The Foundation demands from you to obey these expectations:

  • Understand and comply with the Foundation’s policies and procedures
  • Participate in all orientation and training programs
  • Behave appropriately and courteously with all staff, students and any other party or parties the foundation has relations with
  • Only undertake duties you’re authorized and always operate under the direction and supervision of executive staff
  • Be open and honest in all your dealings with the foundation
  • Comply with local laws at all times

Assalam Community Foundation

We are a young not-for-profit organization that works on behalf of a self-sufficient Africa.

Kizimkazi Mkunguni Village, P.O. 312 Zanzibar, Tanzania

ZNZ +255 776 506 912
TR +90 505 658 8895

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Assalam Community Foundation

We are a young not-for-profit organization that
works on behalf of a self-sufficient Africa.

ZANZIBAR Kizimkazi Mkunguni Village, P.O. 312 Zanzibar, Tanzania ZNZ +255 62 922 3269 TR +90 555 629 7844 [email protected]
© Copyright 2019 - Assalam Community Foundation | All Rights Reserved
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