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You can partner or cooperate with us as an individual or organization if you wish. Our doors are open to everyone, as long as we are compatible. You may support us in different ways.

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  • Be a volunteer in Zanzibar or Istanbul
  • If you don’t have time for volunteering, then buy a ticket for a student and send her/him to Zanzibar instead of you
  • Visit CafeAfrica&Shops and drink a coffee
  • Purchase our KangaAfrica products
  • Attend our seminar programs or campaigns, both in Zanzibar and Istanbul
  • Think about different ways of supporting us, from marketing to web design
  • Share our posts on your social media accounts

Found us for our school construction!

We will welcome you in our resort in Zanzibar

Assalam International Primary School opened the doors in 2020.  We are happy to announce that our nursery school graduates will continue their education with our primary school.

We expect more children to have this opportunity.

Therefore, we increase the capacity of our primary school by adding new classes.

Your support is important to us!

So how can you support? We offer the opportunity of one week free holiday in Zanzibar to anyone who collects 5000 USD or more. If you support 10000 USD or more, we will be happy to host our supporters in groups of 3 for one week at MamAfrica Resort. Everyone over the age of 18 can be our supporters.

Let’s finish the school construction together!


Download Assalam Fundraising Guide

You can support us and earn commission from your own website/social channels or selling our products in your store.

KangaAfrica is an activist brand belonging to Assalam Community Foundation.
It is a social entreprise being built to create sustainable income for mothers in need.
Mothers who learned to see under KangaAfrica brand began to design and produce tribal dolls, which are modelled and made by the mothers inspiring from the most famous and non-asimilated tribes of Africa such as Masai, Zulu, Mursi, Suri, Fulani, Arbore, Ghana, Karo, Himba, Tuarek, Woodabe and Pigme.